Free Class Websites for Professors
Profspace was developed by an adjunct professor and his web developer sidekick. Together they realized that professors at community colleges and small universities have limited options when it comes to directly communicating with students regularly. Out of such need, Profspace was born.

We designed Profspace specifically for professors' needs and it is completely FREE to use. Take a look at our founder's own web page that he uses for his classes.
Top 10 Reasons to Use Profspace
  1. Free, easy and quick setup of your own class website
  2. Separate web pages for each course you teach
  3. Upload course documents like syllabi or assignments
  4. Share links to other websites with your students
  5. Customizable biography and contact sections
  6. Beautifully designed pages make navigation easy and intuitive
  7. Post bulletins and reminders for your students
  8. Our course calendar makes coordinating your classes a breeze
  9. Link to your textbook(s) by just entering the ISBN
  10. You can have your own website in 15 minutes or less
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