Prof. Lingrosso
Fall 2018
Los Angeles Valley College
POL SCI 001 - The Government Of The United States
(section 17461, meets Thu 06:50pm - 10:00pm in Campus Center 205)
POL SCI 001 - The Government Of The United States
(section 17518, meets Mon 06:50pm - 10:00pm in Campus Center 206)

Professor Lingrosso received his B.A. degree in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, an M.A. degree from California State University, Long Beach with an emphasis in American Government and International Relations and an M.A. degree from Claremont Graduate University with and emphasis in Public Policy and American Government. He is currently working toward a PhD at Claremont Graduate University where his field of study is Public Policy.

His research interest has focused on the Constitutional right to privacy; specifically regarding privacy and copyright within the emerging legal climate of peer to peer file sharing in the recording industry; and the relationship of personal privacy and public safety as it relates to the mental health industry.

Currently, he is working full time at California State University, Northridge for the Vice President of Student Affairs. In the evenings, he teaches courses as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Los Angeles Valley College.

His interest in political involvement began with his volunteer work as a precinct walker while an undergraduate in the City of Los Angeles. Since then he has worked on several political campaigns, the most recent being Bill Rosendahl's successful run for the Los Angeles City Council District 11 seat where he served as precinct captain.

His community involvement includes the Big Brothers and Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, The Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Knights of Columbus and the Simi Valley Community Crime Prevention Task Force. He currently serves on the Northridge Community Emergency Response Team.

He has been a practitioner in State and local government since 2000, working for the State of California and the Cities of Torrance and Los Angeles. He is proud to bring this practical experience into the classroom where he can integrate the theories of policy-making with real world applications for his students.